We are now offering Professional Landscape in the Baton Rouge metro area!!

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Formosan Termites Swarming Again In Baton Rouge Metro Area!

Formosan Termite Swarmer


Mothers day again starts the swarm season for the formosan termites.

We have seen a steady increase in swarms in the metro area over the past few years.

 Formosan termites are a brown to orange color and tend to be larger than native swarmers if you see these in your home call your termite company.

Or call:River City Termite & Pest Control for a free inspection. Do not wait.

(225) 295-9321

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Sugar Ants

We have all had to deal with the little black ants on the kitchen counter tops. Here at River City Termite & Pest Control we have the solution. You can spray all day for sugar ants but if you dont bait them with Terro your chasing your tail. Call today and solve Baton Rouge’s most complained about pest in the summer time.

The solution for sugar ants

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Dealing with Mosquitoes

If you live in the south you know how bad mosquitoes can be and with the West Nile Virus it is vital to control the population of mosquitoes around your home. The best defenses against these are

a)  After it rains dispose of all standing water in buckets or any other source that holds stagnant water.

b)  If you live near a wooded area have the front vegetation area sprayed to create a buffer.

c)  If you live next to a body of water have mosquito dunks placed in the water to stop the mosquitoes from reproducing.

d)  Where repellent when you cut your grass or if you are going to be outside for a lengthy period of time.

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Easiest Way to Kill Wasps

Most people don’t know that the most available pesticide they have is above there sink. And that is common dish soap such as Dawn liquid soap. Soapy water sprayed on most flying insect such as paper wasp will kill them on contact. So the next time you see the swarm of stinging wasp remember all you need is a good water gun and some soapy water.

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