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General Pest Control

Target Pests: Wasps, Roaches, Silverfish, Rats, Earwigs

We start by treating all entry points in the home. Here at River City, we use only the safest products available. The safety of you, your children and your pets is our top priority.  An ounce of prevention goes a long way.  We pre-bait all bathrooms and kitchens to prevent an infestation and to reduce the chances of the occasional giant cockroach.

We spray all eaves, window seals, ant mounds, cracks & crevices 3 feet around the perimeter of your home to eliminate the majority
of insects that would try to come inside. Kill ’em outside before they infest inside!

This is one of the pest prevention techniques you will receive: we wipe all eaves down. This helps prevent wasp nest, dirt daubers and spider webs from taking over. It also improves the cleanliness of your home.  The last thing we do before we leave is treat the yard with Talstar. This will help keep ant piles from coming back and leave a second layer of defense in the yard.