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Termite Inspections

WDIR Inspection Report

When selling a home, it is essential that a number of checks are carried out. These include structural, electrical and plumbing. With termites found in almost all US states, checking for these insects is also highly recommended, especially as some lending institutions require this before giving a mortgage to a potential buyer. For this reason, it is best to have a ‘Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report’ filed on a property.

What is a WDIR?

A ‘Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report’ (WDIR) is conducted by a registered pest control company. It is written up after a thorough search through a home for either the absence or presence of wood-destroying insects, such as termites.

How is the inspection performed?

The inspection is performed visually. Here, a pest control company will check all the areas that are easily accessible to them, particularly major structural points within the building. Special attention is paid to areas that are vulnerable to attack from these insects. The contractor will look for past or present evidence of activity. This can be found in the structures themselves or wood debris left by the insects.

What is inspected?

Any permanently attached wooden structure such as decks or porches are included in the search, but detached structures are not. Also note certain areas are regarded as inaccessible that would require any dismantling of the house. These include the inside of walls or beneath carpets or floor coverings. If these are to be inspected, the customer will need to provide access – lifting up carpets for example.

What is reported?

The WDIR must include information on either the presence or absence of wood-destroying insects. This includes either finding these insects (dead or alive) or evidence that they have been at work in the structure of the home (wood debris left behind). Although termites are the most common insects found, the report also includes powder post beetles, old house borers, carpenter ants as well as carpenter bees. Note, a WDIR will never act as a warranty to the fact that the insects aren’t present, however it is a good preventative measure.

Although not a requirement in some cases, a WDIR should be something that is carefully considered by the realtor as well as the seller and buyer of any property to ensure the home is not infested with wood destroying insects.